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How to Buy

  1. Go to https://burujbooks.com/product-category/attakallum-online/
  2. If you have a Buruj Books account, login to your account.
  3. Select the package you would like to buy.
  4. Select a subscription length.
  5. Click add to cart and go to checkout page.
  6. Enter your invoice details
  7. If you don't have a Buruj Books account, do not forget to create a new password.
  8. Make the payment with your preferred payment method.

How to Use

  1. Go to https://attakallum.com/attakallum-online
  2. Login with your Buruj Books account. If you don't know or forgot your password you can reset it at https://burujbooks.com/my-account/lost-password/
  3. Click on the book you would like to study.

We strongly recommend you to read our user guide before using the Attakallum Online.

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