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Photo by Amanda Clare

Once I first noticed the photos from Black Queer Goddess Project, I happened to be therefore moved. These stunning shots show how empowered the queer community is actually — looked after demonstrates how essential QTPOC graphic representation is. Tina Colleen may be the imaginative Director behind your panels, and she additionally ended up being a model for the shoot. Colleen had a vision for this shoot, which she describes as part of her recovery process, and photographer Amanda Clare assisted her reify it.

Learn Colleen below within Seven Minutes in Heaven.

GO: Who are both you and what kind of energy do you really like getting in globally?

Tina Colleen:

I’m Tina Colleen. I will be an author, poet, activist, and that I are employed in degree. Im a black plus-size queer cis-female in addition to innovative Director of

Dark Queer Goddess Venture: The Plus-Size Femme


The vitality I like putting out inside world is actually fact and positivity. It is so crucial for individuals walk-in their own fact. We need to perform the work internally to appreciate our facts. That’s what used to do because of this photo show. The project was actually a direct result embarrassment that i’ve usually thought. The pity of my personal plus-size human body, the pity of nonetheless being single within my thirties, the pity of perhaps not feeling desirable or included. I made the decision to utilize the negativity I happened to be experiencing and channel it into something good.

GO: What is the power behind the picture taking?


I wish I happened to be a photographer! I’m constantly the Director and/or Producer of my tasks. Because of this image show, we developed the entire sight and introduced every person collectively. Amanda Clare (IG: @thedivulgeproject) had been the professional photographer and delivered my concept alive.

The driving force behind my tasks may be the look to healing my self. We created this image series to continue on the path to loving my self, when I in the morning, in our minute.

My personal after that job will be the

“We Determine as Me” Project.

It will likely be a documentary and picture collection honoring queer-trans individuals of tone (QTPOC) that determine as androgynous females, genderqueer and agender people. They are women/people it’s my job to date. Their own internal and external battles have actually influenced me to evolve into exactly who Im now. Additionally, i am extremely passionate about promoting for those. The fluidity and layers of the women/people are very vital and may end up being respected. My personal passion and fascination with them also pushes myself with this brand new undertaking.

Photo by Amanda Clare

GO: in which do you really opt for inspiration if you are feeling disheartened or exhausted?


While I believe depleted or discouraged we you will need to go to a hot yoga course, re-read books from 1 of my favorite writers Pema Chödrön, and/or watch Netflix with one cup of drink.

Sometimes just undertaking absolutely nothing and hanging out with myself can help a great deal to re-charge my motivation. Self-care is


important to me personally. I can not offer the globe with love and kindness if I cannot first provide it with to myself. I’m an extroverted-introvert; I’m social, but i want alone time. I try my personal hardest to spend time with myself personally at least one time weekly to disconnect from creative work and my full-time job, in order to prevent feeling in this way.

GO: Why is it important to have pictures in which black colored queer folx is able to see themselves symbolized?


Representation is how folks determine normalization. If we dont see our selves subsequently we feel like some thing might be wrong with our team or our company is unimportant. Everyone else should feel just like they have been acknowledged. When I have a look at images of men and women inside the LGBTQ+ we rarely see representation of myself personally. While I performed see representation, it wasn’t constantly healthier; either we are fetishized and/or portrayed as the “best friend.” We have been hardly ever represented as desirable enough to end up being union content.

Including lovers inside the image show was actually deliberate to represent black colored plus-size queer females as desirable and sensual without encouraging fetishism. Furthermore,

Lovia Delva which identifies as androgynous and Tatiana Cruz exactly who determines as no-label tend to be slimmer than their unique lovers; that representation was also deliberate. I needed to test people’s thought processes, show them that plus-size QWOC may be desired by slimmer ladies which this particular pair looks gorgeous collectively!

I have had a lot of women of all races contact thank myself for producing the picture show. One girl said after she saw the photo series she purchased herself lingerie, took a selfie and published it on Instagram. She explained it was given by far the most “likes” she previously obtained on her web page. This is the reason representation can be so important, effective, and desperately demanded. It permits individuals inhabit their unique truths in order to feel like they belong.

Photo by Amanda Clare

GO: So what does femme mean for your requirements?


As I consider the word “femme,” it simply means that I present me in a social female fashion. I do definitely not link your message “femme” to always getting elegant and that I believe that is what confuses individuals.

Community wants to put everyone in a box with a tag and we tend to be advised we should maybe not deflect from that box/label. It is especially pertinent for QTPOC. We’ve been adversely influenced by Eurocentric notions because people of shade are usually created away from these expectations. Sadly, oftentimes, QTPOC possess involuntary want to satisfy these standards to feel a part of society, but at the expense of who they really are completely. Because of this, gender/gender functions have grown to be these types of a taboo discussion for QTPOC.

GO: who’re your own queer role versions?


Monick Monell with


, Rejected community garments and various LGBTQ+ companies. We respect Monick because she actually is an extremely type and giving person. The woman is always researching to assist QTPOC achieve their unique targets. Moreover, Monick mostly deals with LGBTQ+ elderly. Seniors are usually disregarded, knowing the good work Monick really does every single day, provides myself so much a cure for mankind.

My personal 2nd queer character model is
Shannon Matesky, the president of Queer Abstract
. Shannon is such a power of character! Shannon got it upon herself generate representation and a platform for musicians and artists who happen to be QTPOC. She ensures it happens every third tuesday of the thirty days, in the event the woman is not in ny. This system enables artists the opportunity to be just who they are in a secure space, in which these are generally liked and appreciated. Shannon always shares this lady battles; that bravery has also inspired us to be much more hands-on in creating work that honors QTPOC.

These two effective ladies got an opportunity on myself whenever they knew nothing about me, and lent a helping hand without seeking any such thing in exchange. Without their particular help, the photograph show might not have taken place.

Picture by Amanda Clare

GO: Where can people discover you?


Individuals can reach me personally on Instagram @tinac_productions, on Facebook “weight Ebony Queer Femme” or email me at


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